The medical industry is full of specific information, specialized words and phrases, and comprehensive data that must be communicated precisely to ensure the desired results. Linguists World offers professional services for medical translation projects with a team of medical specialists from all over the world. We offer many different language options for all your medical translation needs, including many of the world’s major languages.

Medical translation services are comprehensive and specific, from FDA submissions to patient forms and questionnaires. These may come and go from all over the world, which is why we customize each project to meet the needs of the client. For a precise and efficient price quote, please give us information regarding the nature of the document, the desired timeframe, and the source/ destination languages involved. For rush projects, there may be additional fees that will be disclosed during the quote process provided the desired rush timeframe is given up front.

Typical medical translation projects include:

  • Pre-clinical development documents
  • Post-market release information
  • Life Cycle documentation
  • Clinical research documents
  • Drug/Pharmaceutical development
  • Medical Device documents, including technical work
  • Regulatory documents, or regulatory compliance paperwork
  • Informed consent forms
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO documents)
  • Medical marketing reports
  • Protocols and Case reports
  • Dossiers and Exhibits
  • Package inserts
  • Much more!

For professional and accurate results, Linguists Word utilizes only staff members who are experts or specialize in the medical industry. Our validation specialists will double check the results for accuracy and readability from those who understand the language or are native speakers of the source/destination language. This ensures compliancy with many regulatory agencies and will provide consistent, reliable care for patients all over the world.

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