In the old days, doing business was limited by the languages spoken by the owner and staff members, often meaning that potential clients/customers could not get what they needed, and profits were minimalized. With business translation available for many different source and destination languages, this is no longer the case. You can now target audiences all over the world with your product, tool, service, or idea with Linguists World’s team of professionals.

We ensure accuracy for these specialized business translations, including in-country translators, editors, writers, and proofreaders whenever possible to ensure linguistic accuracy and account for cultural idioms. When your project includes patents, owner/user manuals, and other very specific technical data, we assign the project only to those qualified in that field, such as those with master’s degrees or higher to provide the highest quality in accuracy and efficiency.

Stylistic and format-based translation needs are also provided for in the most professional manner, because we know that languages have vast differences all over the world. We will advise you immediately regarding any delays, hold-ups, questions, or problems with translation at a business level for your project.

Our business rates include per-word and per-page options, depending on the size of your translation project. When requesting a price quote, please advise us regarding the number of words and pages, whether you are a new or returning customer, desired timeframe for delivery, and source/destination languages. If the project is a rush project, there may be a higher cost involved depending on the availability of our experts.

In addition to our cost-effective rates, we do offer discounts for returning customers, large volume projects, or repetitive text. Please let us know if any of these apply so that we can provide the best rate possible for your project. Contact us today to get started with your business translation price quote!

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