Looking for the most reliable, flawless and best quality translation services in India? Look no further, we are your one stop destination for all translation needs. Linguists World is a translation company in India, backed by rich experience in the industry. Although a number of free online translation tools are available, the quality and accuracy our translators deliver is unmatched.

At Linguists World, we offer many types of translation services, from the most advanced technical documents to simple articles or informational pamphlets. General translation services are among our most common projects, and we offer a variety of language options. Pricing will normally depend on the number of words or pages in the project, so please contact us for more information and an accurate price quote.

We offer a comprehensive scope of general translation, dictation/transcription, subtitling, and writing/editing/ proofreading services, specifically designed to suit the needs of each new and returning client at Linguists World. This includes the needs of multinational corporations, professional groups, private individuals, small businesses, and many more. Our professionals work hard to make each project a success.

Each general translation project will be completed in a timely manner, as determined by the project parameters and price quote given at the onset of the job. If there are going to be delays to the timeline, we will keep you updated at all times.

General—or basic—translation projects are among our most common requests from clients all over the world. Many documents require translation from a foreign language to something you can understand and sometimes share with others. This includes the following types of projects:

  • Letters and emails
  • Blog entries
  • Non-specialized company memos
  • Social network posts
  • Basic user manuals

This type of service also includes translation of this type of document from your language to another language, such as sending information to another country for business purposes. We can help you broaden your horizons—or that of your company—more than you could ever have imagined possible! Since our prices are affordable, we make it possible for small businesses and private individuals to receive general translation services that used to be reserved for only the wealthiest individuals and large companies.

Contact us today to get started!

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