Roughly about 3 million people in the world speak the Slovenian language, mostly in the nation of Slovenia, according to Wikipedia. It is not one of the world’s major languages, but is one of Europe’s official languages and also spoken in Italy, Austria, and Hungary. It is also known as Slovene by native speakers in Slovenia.

The exact number of Slovenian dialects is not known, but estimated to be somewhere between seven and fifty regional dialects at present, depending on whether sub-dialects and their offshoots are counted. Most of these regional dialects are interchangeable to some degree, but the farther one gets from Standard Slovenian the harder they are to understand. Use of cultural idioms and slang words, in addition to loanwords from English, Italian, and German, makes interchanging difficult in some cases, especially for dialects such as Prekmurje and Resian, which are already very different from Standard Slovenian.

It takes a lot of work to learn Slovenian, especially considering the number of regional dialects must be considered. If you need help deciding what dialect is best for your project, please ask for help from our Slovenian language experts. We want to make your project a total success, and will work hard to get it right the first time!

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