The Slovak language has about six million speakers in the world today, making it an official European language but not one of the world’s most common languages. According to Wikipedia it is the official language of Slovakia, but it is also spoken in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Canada, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, Austria, the Ukraine, and Great Britain. Although very similar to and almost interchangeable with Czech, there are many loanwords from English, German, Latin, and Hungarian as well, making it a very diverse language.

There are four main dialects of the Slovak language, based on region, each with sub-dialects that make them unique. These dialects include Eastern, Central, Western, and Lowland Slovak, although Lowland Slovak is actually a conglomeration of several regional dialects and affected by other languages from surrounding countries. Each of the four main dialects is spoken all over the world, with different migrations of Slovak speakers creating pockets of Slovak dialects in different nations.

We want to help you make each project a success, but communicating is impossible without the right language and/or dialect. Our trained Slovak professionals will gladly help you determine the right Slovak dialect for your project if you let us know prior to beginning the project.

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