With about ten million speakers all over the world, Serbian is not yet a major world language but still one of Europe’s official languages. According to Wikipedia, it is the official, native language of Serbia, but also used in Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, and other European countries nearby. Although interchangeable to some small degree with Macedonian or Bulgarian, there are enough idiosyncratic differences to make study imperative before communicating in Serbian.

There are several main dialects of Serbian, each with regional sub-dialects:

  • Kosovko-resavaski (limited use)
  • Prizren-timok (limited use)
  • East-Herzegovinian (limited use)
  • Zeta-Pester (limited use)
  • Shtokavian (the most commonly used dialect)
  • Torlakian (secondary dialect still used today)

Because Serbian is not a very common language but has several distinct dialects, let us know if you need help choosing the correct language or dialect for your project. We want to help you succeed with each project, and communicating effectively is impossible without the right language and/or dialect in these tricky European languages. Our trained professionals will gladly help you better determine whether Serbian is the right Serbo-Croatian language for your project or whether another would be more appropriate in your situation.

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