The Romanian language is among the world’s old but still popular languages, with nearly thirty million speakers all over the world. According to Wikipedia, it is the official language of Romania, but a native language of Moldova as well, and a secondary language for Israel, the U.S., England, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and others.

With the innovation offered by the Internet and culture expansion, the Romanian language is gradually being heard all over the world via the entertainment industry. Popular music and artists from Romania are becoming famous worldwide, especially in the dance or techno music categories, although they primarily perform in Romanian.

Like most other languages, there are many dialects of Romania commonly spoken, including the following, which are also considered standalone languages by some experts:

  • Daco-Romanian (north of the Danube River, also called Standard Romanian or Proper Romanian)
  • Aromanian (south of the Danube River)
  • Megleno-Romanian (south of the Danube River)
  • Istro-Romanian (brought in centuries later)

Most of the four main dialects also have sub-dialects, but these dialects and sub-dialects are not mutually intelligible. Even native Romanian speakers often have trouble communicating with someone who speaks a different dialect. If you need help choosing a Romanian dialect, please let us know so that we can make your project a success!

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