The Norwegian language is native to Norway and currently spoken by more than five million people, a minor language but still considered one of Europe’s official languages according to Wikipedia. Most people who speak Norwegian fluently are also well-versed in Danish and Swedish, since the three languages are mutually intelligible. In addition, experts say that Faroese and Icelandic are interchangeable with Norwegian as well, meaning that those who speak one of these languages are likely to understand some of each language.

Each region has a unique version of Norwegian, creating many dialects native to different parts of Norway. However, for the most part the dialects still closely resemble the standard version of the Norwegian language. While localized dialects show differences native to that particular locale, moves are in place to create a more standardized version that is nearly identical to standard Norwegian while still preserving some cultural heritages. There are many loanwords present in the Norwegian language, especially from Danish and other regionally-proximate nations or languages.

If you need some help determining the right dialect for a Norwegian project, please let us know. Our team of Norwegian language experts is ready to offer advice for your project so that it can be a success in the long run.

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