Although not one of the world’s most common languages, nearly three million people speak the Macedonian language today. Most are native speakers from Macedonia, as the name implies, but there are handfuls of speakers in other parts of the world as well. According to Wikipedia, the Macedonian language is also a native language of Greece, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and other nations close to Macedonia. Some experts do not view Macedonian as a language, but rather as a dialect of another Slavic language. However, the vast majority consider Macedonian a language with its own dialects and sub-dialects.

There are two main dialects of Macedonian, called Western and Eastern Macedonian, each with sub-dialects that usually have additional sub-dialects also. This creates a tier of two main dialects, five sub-dialects, and more than a dozen sub-dialects for the five previous ones. Most of the different dialects are diverse only in things like vowel pronunciation, and a few are interchangeable from one region to the next.

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