One of the world’s less common language, fewer than half a million people speak Icelandic as a primary or secondary language today. Most of those who speak this language live in the nation of Iceland, although very small pockets of Icelandic speakers also live in Canada, the United States, and Denmark. However, even those who speak Icelandic as a native language often turn to other languages when traveling or studying abroad, usually adapting that area’s native language instead (i.e. English, French, or Danish).

While there are a few regional dialects of Icelandic, they are so similar that they are nearly indistinguishable. In addition, Icelandic is very similar to the English language in some ways, most likely because they are descended from the same ancestors in terms of ancient languages. Therefore, each of these languages has loanwords from the other and a few words that are completely the same in each language.

If you are doing business with someone who speaks Icelandic as a native language, first ensure that they wish to use Icelandic for the project. Since many native speakers also speak English, French, Danish, or another language, they may prefer that the project be completed in that secondary language instead. If the project is especially technical, legal, or medical in nature, be sure to let us know so that we can use all correct dialects and idioms. We want your project to be a success!


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