The language known as French is one of the world’s major language, with nearly 340 million speakers all over the world (as a primary or secondary language) according to Wikipedia. In fact, it is considered one of the world’s most common languages, and the second most common language in Europe—after German. It is the native or primary language for 29 countries at present, and considered a secondary language for more than a dozen more regions and countries, including France, parts of the United States and Canada, Switzerland, Haiti, Africa, and Brussels, to name a few.

There are dozens of French dialects, and a few languages are based in part on the French language, such as Creole and Haitian. Most dialects depend on the region, with different parts of the world having distinctive, unique French dialects with loanwords from other native languages.

The list of French-language dialects includes:

  • Acadian French
  • African French
  • Aostan French
  • Belgian French
  • Cambodian French
  • Canadian French
  • Creole (sometimes considered another language)
  • Guyana French
  • Haitian French
  • Indian French
  • Lao French
  • Louisiana, Missouri, New England and Jersey Legal French
  • Maghreb French (also called North African French)
  • Meridional French
  • Metropolitan French
  • New Caledonian French
  • Newfoundland French
  • Quebec French
  • Southeast Asian French
  • Swiss French
  • Vietnamese French
  • West Indian French
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