The official language of Estonia, experts say that less than two million people worldwide speak Estonian today. There are a few Estonian speakers in different parts of the world today, including very small pockets of native speakers all over Europe and to a very small degree in the United States and Canada. The Estonian language is typically divided into North and South Estonian, where the region dictates the native language, although most speakers of one dialect can also speak the other fairly well.

Like most other languages, Estonian has many loanwords from other languages, such as English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, and French. Greek and Latin words have also affected the Estonian language over the years.

Historically, a large percentage of Estonian speakers could also speak Russian, especially during the 1940s-1970s. Before ordering an Estonian project, be careful to make sure that the intended receiver would not prefer the project to be completed in Russian instead. If you need help making that decision, consider asking the recipient directly or let us know so that we can help. Our staff of Estonian professionals can help you make a decision based on many factors, such as the location of the recipient, so that your project is more likely to be an overall success.

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