Almost 6 million people speak Croatian as a primary or secondary language today, making it a destination language for people in different parts of the business and professional worlds. It is primarily spoken in Croatia, but it is also spoken in some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Austria, Italy, and surrounding nations. Some other parts of the world have Croatian speakers, depending on the population and national origin. Currently, 8 different institutions of higher learning incorporate Croatian in the world as well.

There are four main dialects of Croatian, according to Wikipedia:

  • Standard—the most common dialect of Croatian in both spoken and literary formats
  • Chakavian
  • Kajkavian
  • Torlakian

These main dialects are often derived from other languages and alphabets, and the collective term for the languages spoken in this region is Serbo-Croatian. It incorporates loan words from regional idioms and languages in addition to the Latin alphabet system. Overall, the language can be divided into spoken and literary forms, mostly using the Standard dialect of Croatian.

If you need help determining the correct Croatian dialect for your project, please let us know. We want to ensure that your project is as successful and profitable as possible so that you return for future projects with us.

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