The Catalan language is spoken by more than 12 million people in the world according to Wikipedia, mostly in parts of Spain and France. It has many words that are derived from or are directly Latin, but it is influenced by Spanish and French in some areas as well. It has similarities to Italian, Portuguese, and Occitan as well, depending on the speaker and the region where it is spoken.

Many loan words are present, both in Catalan from other languages and in some world languages from Catalan. English and Arabic each have words that are based on Catalan words, including colors, places, items, and foods.

Although there are several Catalan dialects, they are all very similar and can be difficult to distinguish from each other. The only exception is Alguerese, which is almost completely unique from other Catalan dialects. The two major dialects are Eastern and Western Catalan, with Eastern having more sub-dialects. Some sub-dialects of these major dialects include:

  • North-Western
  • Valencian
  • Central, spoken by most Catalan language speakers
  • Balearic
  • Northern, also called Rossellonese
  • Alguerese

The vast majority of these dialects are spoken in Spain’s provinces, but a few, such as Northern and Alguerese, are spoken only in France or Italy, respectively. If you need help choosing a dialect for your project, please let us know so that your project can be a success.

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