Roughly six million people in the world speak the Armenian language as a first or second language according to Wikipedia. It may not be one of the world’s biggest languages, but enough people use it, so for that it may become necessary to translate or require transcriptions services for business, personal, or professional use. While it has its own unique alphabet, the overall language shares many characteristics with other European languages, such as Greek and Phrygian.

A few different major languages have influenced or been integrated into the Armenian language, including several Western Iranian languages. These include Greek, Persian, Arabic, and Turkish, in addition to ancient languages such as Old French and Latin. Romani is a language very similar to one Armenian dialect in almost every way, including numerical icons, although this dialect (Lomavren) is nearly extinct today.

Dialects for Armenian include:

  • Eastern and Western Armenian—standardized dialects and spoken most often
  • Homshetsi—considered to be another language by some
  • Lomavren—almost extinct but still spoken by a scattered few

Like a good number of world languages, Armenian has many loan words and phrases from other languages, primarily Latin and Greek but also including Sanskrit and English. These factor into any translation or transcription project, but we can help to ensure that your project is a success with our team of Armenian language professionals.

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