Spoken by nearly 8 million people in the world according to Wikipedia, Albanian is not one of the world’s most common languages. However, with that many people speaking it as a first language, it sometimes becomes necessary to translate using this language to speak to a customer or business partner. It is primarily spoken in nations such as Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Albania, and Kosovo, but is also spoken by small pockets of people in other nations as well.

Unlike many other languages, Albanian is one of a few unique languages that do not have other languages that share many common words. Those languages that have offshoots, called extants, have similar vocabularies, phrases, idioms, or syntax, such as English in America and Britain, or Spanish and Italian and Portuguese, each with very similar structure, words, and style. Albanian is a language that stands alone, although a very few words or syllables are borrowed from ancient languages in Europe.

There are three main and two minor dialects spoken in the Albanian language currently:

  • Gheg, spoken north of the Shkumbkin River
  • Tosk, spoken south of the Shkumbkin River, the primary dialect spoken by Albanian language speakers in the world
  • Transitional (a blend of Gheg and Tosk)
  • Arbëresh, spoken mainly in Italy and/or Greece
  • Arvenitika, spoken mainly in Italy and/or Greece
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