Urdu, very similar to Hindi, is one of the top 5 major world languages, behind only English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. There are more than 70 million native Urdu speakers in the world today, either as a primary or secondary language. It is native to India and parts of Pakistan, but there are also sizeable populations of Urdu speakers in the U.S., Bangladesh, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia.

Muslim communities in particular are speakers of the Urdu language, and since there are so many parts of the world where the Muslim influence is represented, it is quickly becoming one of the most dominating and most-spoken languages anywhere in the world. The influence of movements such as Bollywood have also popularized languages such as Urdu, and the average teenager speaks at least a few Urdu words without even realizing it due to cultural influences such as movies, television shows, books, or music.

There are a few Urdu dialects spoken today, according to Wikipedia, including the following:

  • Dakhni—also called Dakani, Deccani, Desia, or Mergan
  • Rekhta—used frequently for poetic works
  • Modern Vernacular (also called Khariboli)

If you are planning an Urdu language project, but need help choosing the appropriate dialect, please let us know. We can help you make your project as successful as possible with our Urdu language experts!

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