The Thai language, sometimes called Siamese or Central Thai, is a primary or secondary language for more than 60 million people all over the world. Although not considered one of the world’s major languages, it is still classified as a common language in some parts of the world today. According to Wikipedia, there are many words in the Thai language that are considered loan words or words taken from other languages, especially words in Pali, Sanskrit, and Old Khmer, and overall Thai is much like the Lao language.

There are a few main dialects and sub-dialects of Thai, including the following:

  • Standard Thai—Sub-dialects include Phitsanulok-Songkwae, Ayutthayan, Bangkok (the most common sub-dialect of Thai), and Thonburi.
  • Central Thai—Sub-dialects include Suphanburi, Prachuap, Ratchaburi, and Khorat.
  • Southern Thai—This is considered a dialect of Thai, but it may be classified as a language on its own. Most people who speak Southern Thai also speak other dialects and sub-dialects as well.

The vast majority of people who speak the Thai language speak the Bangkok dialect, but experts in the field say that many Thai speakers are bilingual. If you need help choosing the correct dialect for your project, please contact us. We want your project to be successful!

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