One of the official languages of the Philippines, Tagalog is one of the world’s major languages currently spoken. The other language, another major world language, is English. According to Wikipedia, there are about 30 million Tagalog speakers—native and all over the world—at present. In addition to the Philippines, the United States also has almost 2 million Tagalog speakers, mostly in Hawaii.

Tagolog, also called Filipino, is just one of the native languages of the Philippines, and several other native tongues are similar in some ways. Like most major languages, there are several dialects of Tagalog based on region, such as the following:

  • Northern
  • Central
  • Southern
  • Marinduque

Many other dialects exist, but most are considered sub-dialects of the four main dialects according to the experts. Of the four, Marinduque is the most unique, and its sub-dialects are very different from the other three main dialects and their respective sub-dialects. Of the millions of speakers, most speak the Northern and Central dialects, and these are considered the official and standard forms of Tagalog.

Tagalog is also affected by loan words from other languages, including Indian, Spanish, Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, and Nahuatl (Aztec). Both English and Spanish languages have loan words from Tagalog as well, including names for plants, places, building materials, and more.

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