The Sinhalese language is common in Sri Lanka, with more than 19 million native speakers and several more hundred thousands all over the world. It is not presently considered a top 10 world language, but it is a major world language with the advent of the online financial market and online business in general. Like most other world languages, exploration and education have led to loan words in several other major world languages, including English, Dutch, and even Portuguese.

This language is very unique in that there are separate written and spoken forms, meaning that special care should be taken when ordering a written or oral project. Slang words are almost considered obscene, so they should be avoided in most cases except for very casual projects. There are not very many dialects of Sinhalese, and most dialects are very similar to the others except for a few key words or phrases. The dialects, according to Wikipedia, include:

  • Southern
  • Central
  • North-Central
  • Southeast

Some neighboring countries also use Sinhalese as a major or secondary language, or have native languages that resemble Sinhalese closely. They include Veddah and Rodiya cultures, to name a few, although others also exist.

Since this language has so many cultural and educational changes from many world languages, it is critical that you let us know if you need rush work in Sinhalese. We want to make your project a success, including periods of revision and review, so if you need the work urgently there may be a small additional fee.

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