Known as Khas originally, then Gorkhali/Gurkhali, Nepali (or Nepalese) is the official language in Nepal and also spoken in neighboring regions such as Bhutan. According to Wikipedia, there are currently nearly 42 million Nepali language speakers worldwide. This language is very similar in many aspects to Bengali, another language from a neighboring country.

Nepali is not only spoken in Nepal; it is also spoken in countries such as Bhutan, India, and other nations as well. Due to this influence, there are many loan words that come from several official languages of India and a few dialects or sub-dialects as well. There are few Nepali dialects, unlike most other world languages, possibly due to the geographical isolation of the nation of Nepal.

Since there are so many loan words and phrases, Nepali is a unique blend of many different cultures and countries from all over the world. Although like many regional languages in this part of the world Nepali comes from Sanskrit originally, even English loan words are currently employed by those who speak Nepali.

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