In the state of Kerala, India, the language spoken is known as Malayalam, with roughly 40 million speakers currently. According to Wikipedia, it is also a recognized language in the regions of Lakshadweep and Puducherry and the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is one of India’s 22 officially recognized languages, and Malayalam is the language with the most alphabetical characters amongst that number.

Malayalam is also known as Alealum, Malean, Mallealle, Malayalani, and Maliyad, depending on the region it is discussed or used. The vastness of the Indian nation led to the rise of Malayalam, since Kerala is such an isolated area from both a geological and political standpoint. The language was also developed due to spiritual influences from both Islam and Christianity, in addition to the impact made by the arrival of the Brahmins in this region. More recently, the effects of outside educational input have also created changes to the language.

There are two main dialects of Malayalam at present, Brahmin and Harijan, each of which has sub-dialects based on region and speaker.  The Harijan dialect, for instance, has sub-dialects known as the Paraya and Pulaya, while the Brahmin sub-dialects include Ezhava and Nair. Other similar occupational sub-dialects such as Syrian or Latin Christian, fishermen, and Muslim are also common.

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