The Malaysian region is home to one of the world’s major languages—the Malay language currently spoken by nearly 220 million people worldwide. One of Singapore’s four official languages, it is also the national language of Brunei and Indonesia in addition to Malaysia. Standard Malay—also called Court Malay—has many names though, depending on the country where it is spoken. Here are some examples, according to Wikipedia:

  • Bahasa Melayu (Singapore, Sumatra, and Brunei)
  • Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia)

Malay in its standard form is also called by several regional names, according to the same source. Examples include:

  • Johor
  • Malacca
  • Riau Malay

The Malay language is old, but in many ways similar to other Austronesian languages still spoken today. Although it is nearly impossible to confuse the languages beyond similarities, islands such as Sumatra have many dialects that seem nearly identical in terms of pronunciation.

Keep in mind that in many countries where Malay is spoken, English is another commonly-spoken language. This can eliminate much of the hassle for both parties in a business or professional project, and may simplify the choice when one is present regarding Malay dialects. If you need help making this decision, please let us know!

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