Kannada, also known as Kanarese, is spoken in Karnataka, India, and those who speak it are commonly called kannadigas. More than 40 million people all over the world speak Kannada, making it one of the world’s most spoken languages currently. Prakrit, Sanskrit, and Pali are two influencing languages on Kannada, although like many other languages others have made an influence as well, creating loan words that may appear in any Kannada project.

The Kannada dialect varies based on whether it is written or spoken forms, since spoken Kannada varies based on the region and written Kannada is fairly standard throughout Karnataka. There are about 20 different forms of Kannada, including the following:

  • Kundagannada
  • Nadavar-Kannada
  • Havigannada
  • Are Bashe
  • Malenadu Kannada
  • Soliga,
  • Gulbarga Kannada
  • Dharawad Kannda
  • Etc…

Many projects related to a specific state should be addressed individually to ensure that the correct language and dialect are utilized. India is a country with many states and languages, and using the right language is critical during business and professional settings. Please contact us right away to ensure that the language requested is appropriate for the respective destination. We can help your project be more successful by using a language that your partners, clients, customers, or contacts can understand.

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