As you might have guessed, Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia and also commonly called Bahasa Indonesia. Although the vast majority of Indonesians speak Indonesian, most are also fluent in a secondary language depending on the region they call home. These secondary languages include Javanese, Sudanese, and Madurese. Due to the size of Indonesia and fact that the majority speak the official language, it is considered one of the world’s major languages. Most people call the Indonesian language Bahasa, although in actuality this word simply means language and encompasses more than just Indonesian.

Like many other modern languages, Indonesian is comprised of many loan words from other languages. These words and phrases may be used during any project in this language, so if you need additional assistance understanding the translation please let us know. Loan words may come from the following languages:

  • Sanskrit
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch

Important Note: The Indonesian language has few words denoting gender. If your project is very gender-specific, please let us know so that we can offer advice based on this information. We want your project to be successful, and will help you figure out the best language for your project if Indonesian is not feasible.

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