Hindi, also known as Modern Standard Hindi, is the official language for parts of India and surrounding regions. Hindi is a sister language of Urdu, another standard register of Hindustani spoken by dozens of Muslim metropolitan areas all over the world. With almost 260 million Hindi speakers, it is considered the sixth most common world language currently. Keep in mind that English is another of the two official languages of India, along with Hindi, and each may be used for professional and official written and spoken language forms. There are other official languages for each respective state in India, but these two languages are considered the primary languages today.

Hindi translation due to extensive use of proverbs and saying is very difficult. But our translators are native speakers who very well understand the context and meaning and provide accurate and meaningful Hindi translation services.

When we think of the culture known as Bollywood, we are actually considering Hindi when referring to the spoken/written forms. For instance, movies and books popular as Bollywood labels are written and spoken in Hindi. Although the language as a whole is very similar to Urdu, it is not Persian-based and there are a few key differences.

Meanings of the word “Hindi” as a language include, according to Wikipedia:

  1. Standardized Hindi taught in schools all over modern India.
  2. Formal/official Hindi promoted by Purushottam Das Tandon and inaugurated by the post-independence Indian government.
  3. Vernacular dialects spoken in much of India.
  4. A “safe” language form used in popular television and films and known as the culture “Bollywood.”
  5. A formal but still safe language form used for broadcast and print news purposes.
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