In the nation of India, 22 major and 14 native languages are spoken, including areas such as the legal, medical, technical, and business professions. Gujarati is one of these languages, spoken in the state named Gujarat. More than 65 million people in the world speak Gujarati today, according to Wikipedia, and it is classified as the 26th most common native language in the world.

Gujarati is also spelled Gujerati, Gujarathi, Guzratee, Guujaratee, Gujrathi, and Gujerath, and is considered a modern Indo-Aryan language derived from Sanskrit like many other languages in this region. Beside Gujarat, there are many other parts of the world where Gujarati is spoken, including large portions of England, New York City, and Toronto, although the language is becoming more common in large metropolitan areas all over the world. In fact, only three other South Asian languages are more common than Gujarati: Tamil, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Other people also speak this language, including the Kutchi people, who use it as a literary language, Parsi, who use it as their mother tongue, and Sindhi people, refugees from Pakistan (according to Wikipedia). There are also a few main dialects of Gujarati, including the following:

  • Gamadia
  • Kakari
  • Kathiyawadi
  • Kharwa
  • Parsi
  • Standard Gujarati
  • Tarimuki
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