The Farsi language is one dialect of a language more commonly known as the Persian language. The Persian language is most commonly found in spoken and written forms in areas such as Afghanistan, Iran, Tajiki, and other regions in this area. More than 110 million people speak Persian according to Wikipedia, but it is considered a secondary language in the world at present. We offer linguistic services for Farsi speakers and writers, but keep in mind that there are neighboring languages that have affected the language in both forms.

Farsi is one of the Western dialects of the Persian language, mostly found in Iran and surrounding areas. Of the three major dialects, it is the most widely-spoken at present, with about 40 million speakers worldwide as of 2014. Since there are two other major dialects of the Persian language spoken in or near this region, make sure you ask about whether another translation would be more appropriate for your needs. We want your project to be successful!

Like most other languages, loanwords make up some of the Farsi language, and these may be incorporated into your finished project. If there are any questions regarding suitability or appropriateness, please let us know. Each linguistic service package also includes unlimited revisions, so we want to be sure that the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations!a

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