Bahasa is not necessarily a specific language, but an Asian word meaning “language” when translated. It influences a variety of specific languages spoken in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, Java, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, and others. It also refers to slang and cognitive words from these countries and several others.

Many countries in South and Southeast Asia have been heavily influenced by the Sanskrit language, from which the word Bahasa has been translated. Therefore, the language described therein is often spoken in these parts of the world. When determining the correct form of Bahasa needed for a specific project, the professional translator or transcriptionist will ask for the source and destination languages. For instance, Indonesian Bahasa versus Malay Bahasa. This will ensure consistency, coherence, and cultural appropriateness.

Some professionals will describe Bahasa as Indonesian or Malaysian. It is important to let us know what country you refer to when you request translation services in this language. We work hard to make your project as professional and perfect as possible, but there can be a big difference in the result when we are working with an incorrect description for the source or destination language. This makes an even bigger difference if your work is very technical, medical, legal, or professional in nature.

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